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after much procrastinating, I finally moved my blog.  Old URLs should still work, no feature changes are intended.  Please let me know if you notice anything askew!

5 thoughts on “Blog moved”

  1. Come on. Compacting is dangerous the way you have it set up. I have all my email folders on auto compact and still a whole folder will be deleted and the folder itself disappears. I keep my folders clean. But today is the last straw – my whole folder of correspondence with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been wiped out. Evey important email that I needed to keep is gone. This is inexcusable. There should be a better safeguard from allowing this to arbitrarily happen.

  2. Has Thunderbird change the structure of its e-mails? Since last week (5/25/2011) successive e-mails in a series are nested together. While that may have some advantages, it also creates serious problems.

    Can somebody from the T-Bird team explain?

  3. Yeah, I have one. Your browser, which I have been a big supporter of, crashed my computer. And it’s wroking on crashing my new computer. I am out over $300 because your plug-in container keeps running multiple instances of it (ten or fifteen of them at a time) I keep trying to report this, but your comments pages for doing so won;t let me. Who will help me, a poor disabled person that has lost all his data thanks to this?

  4. I keep getting an “annoying” “upgrade” page that I can’t make disapear; PLEASE tell me how to do so; the last time I upgraded, it caused greatr misery! There should be an easier way to eliminate this page for those who are equally frustrated; thanks.

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