Frustrated consumer of the media

Jon Udell correctly points out that I can point to specific bits of the KMDI archives, unlike what I said in the post below . Until today, I didn’t know how, and yesterday at 1am, I didn’t really care to learn. I may do it later to immortalize some of the better bits of the Moglen/McGowan debate. (It doesn’t help that Jon blogging about it has apparently caused a DDOS on the poor KMDI archives!). FYI, you can avoid steps 1 through 5 in Jon’s HOWTO by going to the page listing the streaming URLs. Until Jon’s post, however, I had no idea what to do with those URLs.

I don’t even remember what I said in that conference about PVRs (Personal Video Recorders). I have since started using a PVR, and it’s been a very interesting experiment. It’s not only changed the way that I (and everyone else in my family) watches TV, but it also makes me want to do things like post excerpts from the Daily Show. Jon says:

We deploy AV content on the web in a style that emulates television but is antithetical to the web. I’d like to change that.

I wholeheartedly agree, but also want to push TV to be more web-compatible.

Right now I can point people to books I like (see below), I can point people to music, but for TV, the best I can do is say things like “I really enjoyed Maureen Dowd’s appearance on the Daily Show with John Stewart”, and some readers will relate, some will feel they missed out, a tiny fraction will seek out a bittorrent of the show, but the vast majority simply won’t be able to watch that episode. What shame. I wonder what it would take to get Jon Stewart to publish through the web.

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