Good examples of “live” fiction on the web?

I am trying to convince a friend of mine with an interest in writing (stories, more or less based on personal experience) that she should publish through the web. She’d be doing it as a creative outlet, not with a particular financial or “book” goal in mind, so the standard “publishers won’t touch web-published content” worries aren’t really relevant. My feeling is that much of what drives the blogosphere should (and probably does) apply to less diary-style writing as well.

I wanted to send her some pointers to examples that would show the breadth of what “people are doing” on the net, but I quickly realized that much of what I read is either too ‘non-fiction’ (whether technical or legal or political or…) or too ‘big media’ (e.g. Salon), and much of the more ‘individual’ content I run across just isn’t very good or very inspiring. I do enjoy sites like Ftrain (if for no other reason than I enjoy Paul’s design sense), but I’m seeking other samples that span a larger literary spectrum. (Someone tell me if technorati or some other site can help do this—I’m not having much luck with automated searches).

So, I’m asking the readers of this blog if they have suggestions that I can pass onto my friend—fictional pieces, biographical pieces, poetry, whatever. Preferably sites where the author has figured a way to engage the readership in discussions about the work. Email me or add a comment. Thanks!

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