Apache, redirect old RSS feed?

In switching to the new blogging software, I have broken the URLs for the old RSS feeds. If anyone has feedback on how I can use Apache .htaccess and the like to redirect a URL that goes through a file that doesn’t exist (…/index.cgi/index.rss) over to another URL (…/blog/wp-rss2.php), please let me know. To those using aggregators to read this site, 1) you probably can’t see this =), and 2) sorry.

Update: Fixed with some Redirects.


  1. I guess if I’d created an index.cgi directory I could have done something like that, but even then, the new RSS feed is dynamically generated, so there’s nothing to symlink to I did figure out how to do with with an Apache Redirect directive. I’ll also be able to recover all of the other URLs that I broke in the process that way. Thanks for the comment, though.


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