Take that, Dewey

A bookstore in San Francisco organizes its books based on the rarely used Wavelength Classification system. Beautifully useless.


Went to see the parade of santa claus’es downtown today. It was a traffic mess, but the kids liked it, … More

Optimistic People Abound

In the tradition of badger badger badger, here is the llama song (via Daren Barefoot). A nice way to end … More

If you know anyone…

If you know anyone who’se interested in a job at ActiveState and qualifies for one of the five positions we … More

Silly CV/resume

Through Loic’s blog, a pointer to a fun flash-based CV. What’s amazing to me is that apart from a slight … More

Jon Udell’s demos

Jon Udell asks what to call his experiments with downloadable narrated demos of software. He’s looking for a name that … More

Bloglines & Twisted

Interesting bit found in my webserver access logs: – – [08/Nov/2004:00:07:32 -0500] “GET /blog/index.cgi/?flav=rss HTTP/1.0” 404 24542 “-” “Twisted … More