Diagram Envy

Greg Wilson, who’se writing a few books at the same time (silly boy!) says:

I hate drawing diagrams

I guess I understand Greg less than I thought I did. One of the few things I miss about my previous career as a scientist is that I don’t get to draw nearly enough pretty diagrams. I love drawing diagrams. I would pay to draw diagrams!

I’m reminded of a great keynote at the last ETech by Marc Smith, a sociologist who works at Microsoft. Marc was introducing some cool visualizations and said something like:

I am a sinner in the church of Tufte.

bringing down the house, for that’s exactly what it feels like.

1 Comment

  1. Just to clarify… I love diagrams. Love ’em. Great things, diagrams. Why, some of my best friends are… Anyway, what I hate is drawing the damn things. I’m not a particularly visual thinker, and I’m a lousy artist (my boss at my previous-but-two company took me aside after a couple of months and said, “Greg, we’ve had a vote, and you’re off the GUI”).


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