Stephen Walli essay on IP

Stephen Walli, who I have enjoyable chats with at conferences periodically, has a new blog, with a very cogent essay … More

Cool flickr third-party app

A neat color-picker image finder, which selects images from the squared circle group pool (see my own contribution to that … More

gmail accounts

I have a few gmail accounts free to whoever wants them. Let me know.

Cal Henderson Quotes

Cal Henderson, from flickr, at the PHPWest conference: “Avoid code reuse (just a nice typo)” and, talking about phpxpath: “phpxpath … More

Documentaries are great

Strange to follow the Apple post with this one, but hey… Last night I watched two documentaries — one on … More

Good marketing

People were buzzing about the new releases from Apple yesterday, the iPod Shuffle and the Mac Mini. The Shuffle is … More

Taking pictures

I’ve been obsessing with digital photography for a few weeks. First, I decided that it was time to get a … More