Cal Henderson Quotes

Cal Henderson, from flickr, at the PHPWest conference:

“Avoid code reuse (just a nice typo)”

and, talking about phpxpath:

“phpxpath is great. It’s on Sourceforge, but it’s still great”

and about UTF8:

“Can’t remember what UTF-8 stands for. Something something something eight!”

a bit that made Rasmus and me feel old:

“I think UUencode stands for unix to unix encode — it’s pretty old” (it’s true, but …)

About users:

“We have a lot of Mac users, because OS X users tend to be early adopters and have a lot of free time”

And then, when Cal said that PHP isn’t great for a daemon, Rasmus’ answer was:

“Write it in C, you sissy!”

Overall, a nice, contentful presentation from the guy responsible for the PHP (and, it appears, a lot of the DB work) code behind flickr, with good lessons learned on how to scale a web app to accomodate massive growth. I look forward to the ETech presentation.

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