Cool new toy

Just bought software today: wikidpad. It’s outliner meets wiki meets IDE meets Lotus Agenda. It’s $12, and it’s built with … More


Oh, in case anyone cared. I have a new hard drive, with some of the old data. It’s amazingly hard … More


I’ll be in San Francisco next week for a very quick trip, just the length of OSBC. In SF by … More

Hardware failures

My hard drive is very unhappy, which means that I can’t do any of the experimental hacking I was hoping … More


Paul Kedrosky self-flagellates himself (which seems a bit of a redundant phrase, but without the “himself” it seems awkward — … More

Computers, sigh…

Sigh. Things aren’t quite right in the computer department. Thunderbird is using 170,394Kb of memory after running for 10 minutes. … More


First day at PyCon 2005. It’s, as usual, interesting. Random bits: Crowded! It’s bigger than ever, clocking in over 400. … More

Ice Sculpture

ice sculpture in progress. NPR has an interview with someone I’d like to meet someday. John Reeves, self-described freeform industrial … More