Coalesce Bloglines feeds?

Due in part to my initial waffling about domain names (and subsequent struggles with Apache and WordPress configuration), bloglines now has multiple different URLs which map to the same actual feed (,,,, etc.). This isn’t a problem (I hope) for readers, because of DNS redirects, and Apache rewrite rules. However, it’s a very minor annoyance for me when it comes to understanding my readership trends (as represented by the bloglines contingent) — I have to look at the statistics for 9 different bloglines id’s.

Are there any was to tell Bloglines that some feeds should be merged? (I have tried to do “permanent redirects”, but I’m not convinced that it’s had any effect on the bloglines database structure).

More broadly: it’s interesting that bloglines didn’t put in the infrastructure to let people “claim” feeds, the way Technorati does. It would allow authors to help bloglines serve bloglines readers, to automate URL changes and the like, thereby making them a higher-value aggregator from the author’s point of view (note that I don’t yet understand the value in claiming a technorati feed).


  1. Dare: Agreed. Hmm, I just double-checked and in fact I was doing 302 redirects, not 301, for at least some of the feeds. I’ll be curious to see if Bloglines picks up on the 301’s and does something useful with them.


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