You know you’re in Canada when…

You know your’re in Canada when the email newsletter from the grade school says:


To Sign-up for


Speaking of which, has everyone seen the latest sports highlight newsreel? It’s quite charming. One of the best curling shot in history.


  1. Yep… I for one curled 6 or 7 years of ‘Junior Curling’ and have quite a few experiences (provincials as well) and trophies to show for it. It really is a good time out there on the ice… and you don’t necessarily see it with the broadcasts. Then again, most bonspiels don’t have a national or world championship on the line.

    As for that shot, it was a beauty for sure! Reminds me of a shot Kevin Martin made in the brier a number of years back. Not sure if it was for the game or even to score 4 but it was the same shot. Couldn’t find a link to it though 😦


  2. I remember being really annoyed several years ago when Canada’s soccer team won the Gold Cup, and in the sports news it was ousted by BC winning a national curling competition.

    I’m not into curling, but I saw that video clip, and all I can say is, wow.


  3. Well, you could, in theory, and if the text is properly translated, be in certain parts of Sweden. Do you have any worldcup winners at ActiveState? I have a three-time champion at my company (not the same office, though).

    (it might be some google IP trickery, but if I google for “curling”, the first hit is the *swedish* curling association. the first canadian site is #3).


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