Somebody fix printing!

I’m going to be on a few planes over the next two weeks (to San Diego for ETech, to San Francisco for a customer visit, and to DC for PyCon). I like to read when I travel, and there’s a bunch of stuff that I’ve been meaning to get to. As batteries run out and eyes tire, I like to occasionally print the more substantive pieces on dead trees. Also, I occasionally print stuff to share with people who, for reasons as diverse as network security, poor eyesight, or simple personal preferences, would rather read on paper than on a screen (it’s much easier to share Malcolm Gladwell’s piece on SUVs around the playground if it’s on paper).

And I have to say that way too many blogs are basically unprintable. Simply too many of them are clearly never tested for printability (uh, I should test my own… phew, it’s a bit of a small font but at least the layout’s just fine).

So, if you have a blog, please print one of your own entries once in a while, and see what it’s like. Also, if you have a popular blog where people leave lots of comments, consider making it possible to print your words and not all the comments.

There, rant over, I feel better now.

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