Flickr, wikidpad, google maps, the game

So as a beta customer, I just got my flickr account duration doubled (i’d paid for 2 years so I’m good until Dec 31, 2008!), upload capacity doubled (2G/month), and I have two free accounts to hand out. Nice. I’m not as excited about Flickr as I was before Yahoo, but I’ll probably get over it someday.

In other news: the wikidpad software I mention in the last post is (likely) going to go open source, as the author doesn’t have time to do the shareware thing seriously. The customer base has been very happy about that direction.

In yet other news: Hugo (age 7) was playing w/ google maps’ satellite view, and we were exploring around the Grand Canyon. He took it upon himself to follow the Colorado river until the ocean, at the highest level of magnification with data (which means zooming out at times due to missing values). Complained about the shadows, noticed rapids, etc.

I had three thoughts:

  1. scary that he thinks it totally normal to explore satellite data of anywhere (although I notice that unlike Keyhole, gmaps is still NA-only) from a laptop not connected by wires;
  2. cool — my son just invented a game that no one has likely ever played before;
  3. the Colorado river is very long and the data is quite close up — you haven’t left Arizona yet — time for bed.

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