Google Summer of Code

So it’s finally live! I’m talking about the Google Summer of Code, a program whereby Google spends $$’s via open … More

Categories out, tags in

I was finding categories to be more of a bother than they were worth, so I’ve stopped organizing things according … More


Fight Originally uploaded by David Ascher. A weird sight near Kits pool today — some folks dressed up in full … More

Summer’s here!

Flank steak on the grill with sweet corn on the cob, followed by ice cream from the local ice cream … More


Crepe Originally uploaded by David Ascher. Continuing on a food theme, today’s breakfast is yet another instance of my quest … More

New treat: maamoul date cakes

A treat I’ve recently uncovered at the corner store (Nadi’s, who, IIRC, hails from Lebanon) are maamoul, little cakes filled … More

Python Challenge

I’m at level 5 of the Python Challenge. 12 more to go, phew.

Google vs. Rails

Interesting to see what happens when two “well-liked” communities clash. Background: Google released a web accelerator, which follows the HTTP … More