Productivity boost with feeddemon & bloglines

  1. Install feeddemon 1.5 trial (still trying to figure out an alternative to bloglines)
  2. Enable the bloglines synchronization feature
  3. Decide the keyboard navigation still feels awkward, and still don’t like having to read blogs in the websites (not as fast as bloglines’ “everyone looks the same” model).
  4. Go back to bloglines, and notice that feeddemon marked all bloglines feeds as read!
  5. Curse feeddemon
  6. Fewer blogs to read = higher productivity, knowledge be damned,


  1. There are two benefits to feeddemon that are appealing to me: 1) it allows for keyboard navigation (I just haven’t gotten used to its notion of navigation period), and 2) it works with behind-the-firewall feeds, which bloglines can’t.


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