Adam Bosworth rules

It is so refreshing to see an executive speak out, and speak out in favor of my core beliefs. (The post is old, but I just found it):

It is time to speak up. It is time to say that facts are what matter, not faith, that human progress is accomplished through unfettered use of reason and inquiry and tolerance and discussion and debate, not through intolerant and irrational acts of terror or edicts. For all of our children and for the future, speak up against this wave of intolerance and irrationalism washing over the world.

Adam Bosworth rules.

Found via Ross Mayfield’s blog.

Also nice to see is Tim O’Reilly speaking out on the also important if maybe less traumatizing issues around copyright:

Google’s opt out approach is the only way to cut the Gordian knot of forgotten rights and permissions.

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  1. Ok, yes I agree. How to get this message out to the masses is my concern. Otherwise it will just continue and get worse with time, as I have seen though out my time here along with the extremely ignorant. Ignorance is not taught it is learned to not have an open mind. There is much more at stake here, I’m extremely glad I don’t have children of my own to worry about, rather than to make our mistakes there problems in the future. As my generation has received but with no recourse because my word is in my vote, but the ignorant are winning. I want to make this a better place to live as we at least tried to improve in the past, but today it seams that, they are moveing the rug out slowly from under us, we won’t be able to regain our balance because we didn’t see it coming. The people you speak of in the “speaking out” opinion, have many more studies of human behavior than we did in the past, they will only use them against us instead of trying to make the place, which is incredibly beautiful, just plain ugly again. Corruption needs to be put to an end! My opinion of why reason and inquiry fails to be used today, people with money, the root of all evil (politicians with the desire) seek the path with less resistance when there isn’t much resistance to begin with. I will speak out on anything because there still is a thread of a piece of paper I can fall back on, lets use it before that reverts back to the reason for coming to this land. We don’t have more land to go run away to, there is power in numbers, and we are being taxed without being represented, taxation without representation.


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