Thunderbird extensions to the rescue!

As I’m temporarily on OS X while my laptop is being repaired, I run into one of my OS X gripes, which is that Command-M does something deeply useless: it minimizes the current window, with no way to undo the action with the keyboard (that I know of).

This is a real problem when using thunderbird, as those are the keys I’m used to typing to start a new email (the default configuration for Thunderbird on OS X has Command-Shift-M as the appropriate keybinding).

I found my salvation thanks to the keyconfig extension, which lets you configure shortcuts. There are a few things wrong with the UI for that tool, but after a few false starts I got it to do what I wanted. Me happy.

Now if only Thunderbird let me store my Junk Mail data on the server or in the cloud, that would make me that much happier.


  1. I thought OS X 10.4 had some tool that allowed dynamic reconfiguration of all keys to any menu option in the active program. (I don’t know exactly, it’s my wife who’s the mac user, but I’ve wished for such a tool in my environment a couple of times.)


  2. You can get minimized windows back with the keyboard by moving focus to the dock by hitting CTRL-F3. After that, you can use the arrow keys to select and enter to un-minimize your window. If you just minimized the window, it will start off as the first one selected in the dock.

    Not particularly intuitive; I think it’d make much more sense for command-` to cycle through minimized ones as well…


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