As part of my job, my name gets listed on the corporate website. As a result, I end up with a fair share of spam, and spam-like phone calls. I just got off the phone with someone pitching me backup storage software. To save everyone time, I tend to cut off those calls very fast, as I know pretty quickly which products and services I’m even remotely interested or likely to be a customer for, and which ones I’m not. The strange thing is a couple of minutes after I hung up, I got:

Hi David,

This is in reference to my call to you right now.

Please note this isn’t an unsolicited call or email. You didn’t allow me to

(I’ll skip the rest, as I don’t particularly want to advertise or demonize the individual or the company). The startling point is italicized above. My reply:

Of course it is. I never asked you to call or email.

Best of luck.



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