Too many eponymous people, not enough paragraphs

Found through a technorati “vanity” feed:

So Schools back in finally and i still hate it after the first day. Good part for me is i get out at like 11:00 everyday. Even thou half the time im prolly gonna go to my internship all the way down in G-Town!! Lots of gas for a man who offically has $20.38 in his bank account cause i havent worked in over a month. Yea i know but i work 2 days this weekend thatll put a tank of gas in me hopefully maybe a movie budget too. Anyhoo like all my classes overall alg 2 is kinda borin but i got DavidAscher n Bonecrusher in my class, and AP Euro is a pretty sick class im happ with whos in it cept that damn eron rublic lol whos gonna try n take my seat now but no one is the back there likes him. And English is OK Got KO n L-Zig but therei n the front n its me n Sad chillin n the back with Anila who i can already tell where gonna be like a triangle of friends in there not that ne one cares. Footballs goin good got back at like 8:30 from Magruder from practice/ 20 plays on O n 20 on D. They were so fired up like it was a scrimage but we did blocking drills our Offensive lineman against their D guys lets just say Magruder can’t move any Damascus players n the one guy who was good enough to do it to my kept throwin my helmet down by the facemask n then pushin it down with his other hand ut i still drove his bitch ass out of there away from the QB. And then on 7 on 7 their takin knee shots at us. One guy who is chinese n retarded who we named “Bonzi Tree” chopped blocked Anderson who didnt take it lightly and started a fight next thing our two teams are in a big pile fighting unil the coache break it up. We go team Moo tells us enough of this easy bullshit i want you all to acually practice now n show em who the real champs our so we lit em up n shut their mouths pretty quick. Nothin to say now huh black kids? Anyhoo shoulders in pain again cause of “Bonzi Tree” and so are my knees from cheap shots and a stiff neck. Time to go to lunch with mommy then another wonderful day of practice for me!! Someone shoot me please!!

Boy do I feel old…

Aside: is there a better choice than eponymous people, which feels odd?

Django, day 2

So far, Django is still quite nice. I had some configuration problems (it didn’t help that I was also trying to setup a new OS X box at the same time), but nothing that a little perseverance and the kind help of people on the #django channel couldn’t fix.

Django is still clearly evolving quickly (which I like), with some fascinating discussions on the mailing list as to the proper role for AJAX-style toolkits in a tool like Django. Django doesn’t (yet?) have the insane buzz that Ruby on Rails has, but the fact that I know Python (and the Python libraries) makes me feel like I will be productive much faster w/ Django than with Rails. I’ll probably poke at Rails periodically as well, to see how that’s evolving.

Other tools I had good interactions with today: subversion, trac. Apart from the fact that the Powerbook keyboards bboouunnnceee a lot on me, I’m having a Good Computer Day.

Django: ooh, shiny….

I’ve spent a few hours re-dunking my head in the Django soup. That is one impressive open source project. Apart from the immediately appealing superficial qualities (great name, beautiful CSS), it has truly stellar documentation, that shows (or at least seems to show!) that the people who designed it really knew what they were doing. A real pleasure. I’m looking forward to playing with it. It feels like opening up an iPod box and admiring the packaging, design, button layout. I just need to get some tunes onto it now!


People usually refer to Vancouver as a really good place for high-end Chinese food. I wouldn’t know, as our taste are more pedestrian. For future reference, last night’s order at Hon’s was the best we’ve achieved so far:

  • 6 pork pan-fried gyoza
  • springrolls (mistake, no one ate them)
  • tender duck leg soup with orange peel and udon noodles (yummy duck!)
  • spicy braised eggplant with pork (my favorite chinese food)
  • Beef with ginger and green onions (tender beef, if not plentiful enough)
  • Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce (gotta have some greens)

All that was quite nice after our first skiing day.