Changing names?

So my friend Ingy has decided that he’s changing his name. I’ve been thinking for a while now that with … More

Snakes and Rubies!

The creator of Rails and one of the leads for Django are meeting in Chicago, at an event called Snakes … More

Django, day 2

So far, Django is still quite nice. I had some configuration problems (it didn’t help that I was also trying … More

Django: ooh, shiny….

I’ve spent a few hours re-dunking my head in the Django soup. That is one impressive open source project. Apart … More


People usually refer to Vancouver as a really good place for high-end Chinese food. I wouldn’t know, as our taste … More

The famous car

P1090593.JPG Originally uploaded by David Ascher. I’ve mentioned the expedition to Portland to get our “new” (17-year old) car before. … More


Pie! Originally uploaded by David Ascher. What I did at work yesterday. Yummy.