People usually refer to Vancouver as a really good place for high-end Chinese food. I wouldn’t know, as our taste are more pedestrian. For future reference, last night’s order at Hon’s was the best we’ve achieved so far:

  • 6 pork pan-fried gyoza
  • springrolls (mistake, no one ate them)
  • tender duck leg soup with orange peel and udon noodles (yummy duck!)
  • spicy braised eggplant with pork (my favorite chinese food)
  • Beef with ginger and green onions (tender beef, if not plentiful enough)
  • Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce (gotta have some greens)

All that was quite nice after our first skiing day.


  1. My workmates and I like to go to Hon’s on Robson. It’s a ten-minute walk both ways, so we can pretend that we’ve worked off the copious amounts of food we’ve just eaten.


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