Django, day 2

So far, Django is still quite nice. I had some configuration problems (it didn’t help that I was also trying to setup a new OS X box at the same time), but nothing that a little perseverance and the kind help of people on the #django channel couldn’t fix.

Django is still clearly evolving quickly (which I like), with some fascinating discussions on the mailing list as to the proper role for AJAX-style toolkits in a tool like Django. Django doesn’t (yet?) have the insane buzz that Ruby on Rails has, but the fact that I know Python (and the Python libraries) makes me feel like I will be productive much faster w/ Django than with Rails. I’ll probably poke at Rails periodically as well, to see how that’s evolving.

Other tools I had good interactions with today: subversion, trac. Apart from the fact that the Powerbook keyboards bboouunnnceee a lot on me, I’m having a Good Computer Day.


  1. I’ve actually quite enjoyed TurboGears over Django, just for the record. I’ll write a post about it and throw it at you when I get a chance, far more pythonic feeling, in my opinion.


  2. Just watched the screencast (they are _so_ useful to get a feel for a piece of software).

    I like parts of it (the close alignment of templates and methods makes sense in many cases, for example), and then parts of it rub me the wrong way (Kid & SQLobject in particular). But I may very well give it a shot once the novelty of Django has worn off.

    To me, Django seems more coherent. Part of that is that the setup instructions for TurboGears show its heritage as an amalgamation of existing projects — what a mess! and it’s the Python community’s fault, not TurboGears’ fault. I’d tried to play with turbogears a while back, and just gave up at some point.


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