Sun developer hardware program, part III

One more update on my interactions with the Sun developer hardware program (for history, see this and this).

Today, I got a couple of emails from the program owner for the development hardware offering, who quickly helped me understand that the situation is better than I thought.  Specifically, I misunderstood the web content, which says:

Deep discounts on development hardware are available to you! For
additional information please contact your Primary Contact.

My reading of that was that I should talk to our primary contact at Sun.  What was intended was that I should talk to Sun’s primary contact within our company.  Much better.

In other words, while it would be good for me to see the price list, all I need is for someone within my organization to get the data, which I can.  It’s also just fixable with a rewrite of a sentence, and I’m quite hopeful that Sun will, as they’ve promised, will fix this (admittedly fairly trivial) buglet.

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