New restaurant…

I just discovered a new option for lunch in the neighborhood of work: Delicados, on West Hastings & Richards. At the recommendation of the person at the counter, I had a half-roll-up (w/ chicken) and a side salad (3-bean), and both were excellent. Flavorful, spicy (there’s a 9-point spice scale, and I picked “medium+”, which was fine for me), filling without being too much. (the half-wrap was a bit on the smaller side, but that’s ok).

Tentatively: 3 stars out of 5, with possible revisions depending on how further experiments go.

Politics explained through photography

We had a lecture on posture and personalized assessment of posture and ergonomics at work today. That included an (unflatteringly accurate, but at least confidential) photograph of everyone’s posture against a plumb line and wall-mounted grid. The main revelation for me, in addition to confirming my fairly obvious slouch, is that I lean to the left by a few degrees. No surprises there, except that I didn’t know you could tell political bias from a photograph. You learn something new everyday!

A big project just started…

Long time no blog.

Big personal news recently is we just bought a tiny bit of land on Gambier Island (right about here), which is currently fit for nothing, but hopefully with some work can become a camping spot, then maybe a place we can park a camper, and some day build something. The island is quite wild, with little development yet, and our lot is 5 minutes to the dock, from where we can see lots of water, Cypress mountain, etc.

It feels like we just embarked on a very big project. Oh well.

Step one will be clearing part of the land enough to be able to set up a tent.

Step two: If anyone knows of a cheap old camper (would love an airstream) in the neighborhood, let me know…