Posting by email

Hopefully I can now easily blog using my phone. Why? No good answer so far, except that it’s something else … More


I’m sitting outside the office waiting for the family to join me for a viewing of Deep Sea 3D, and … More


More thoughts about Foo Camp (for those who don’t know, it’s this weird but nice gathering of mostly geeky folks … More

Footastic fun

Foo camp this weekend was a lot of things, but most of all it was uplifting. Something about the confluence … More

heading to foocamp!

For the first time my schedule is compatible with attending tim o’reilly’s foocamp, and I got one of the precious … More

Craigslist to the rescue!

P1140566 Originally uploaded by David Ascher. So the airstream comes with a built-in 8-track player. I didn’t have any 8-tracks … More