I love my cat, but…

Sometime during the night of Saturday to Sunday my lovely cat Syd took out her fears of aging on my keyboard, and ripped out a half-dozen keys from my powerbook keyboard, left open on the dining room table. She’s lucky that I’d already killed on key earlier by dropping a phone handset on it, or she’d be in serious trouble.


  1. My cat Lucky Luciano is the most precious feline in the world. She is so generous that she often leaves dead mice, missing only the brain and vocal cords, behind our door in our backyard. She even manages a chipmunk or two on a weekly basis. My children and I have a scoring system for her: 50 for a squirrel, 20 for a bird, and 10 for mice and chipmunks. We have also offered an olive branch for PETA lovers, half points on catches that utilize a catch and release, where she catches and then releases them back into the wild. It is difficult for her however, for sometimes the animals are in shock. But thankfully my wife bought me a pellet gun so I euthanize them, usually a quick shot to the head.

    On rainy days the beyatch meows to go outside, so I glady oblige by letting her soak in the rain for a few hours. I feel this cleanses her fur and makes her that much more pure. She is velvety soft and has a gentle personality. Her one unique trait is that whenever you pet her for a long period of time, she starts purring and then begins licking her tail. The only drawback to this tail licking infatuation is that her claws go in and out, and it tends to put little claw marks in our comforters. Another pet-peeve is when she wants out she scratches the furniture. But when we purchased a leather living room set, she respectfully scratched the old furniture. She is so considerate!

    I wish cat “haters” would see the kindness the pussies possess!


  2. I am blogging again because our beloved Lucky finished our skills competition by accomplishing our goal of 100 points (see prior blog on how the scoring systems works). She dutifully completed her task this morning when we found a mouse on our driveway. Despite torrential rains and occasional monsoon-like conditions, the bizza biza continually pursued her rodent captors with surgical precision, fervently capping a week when things looked bleak.

    While we contemplated extending the deadline, Fluff-fluff seemed insistent by methodically prodding along. It was as if each capture would galvanize our relationship, when in fact it was cemented when we rescued her from the fire (I was burning leaves in my backyard when I noticed stray kittens under the leaves). While Luciano was busy hunting, I was busy removing ticks from her illustrious pelt. This was the price we had to pay in order to win the “Tuna Bowl”.


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