Don’t believe everything you hear…

In an email this morning:

So there’s this rumour I heard on irc last night that you are moving  to the UK. Is that true?

I love the fact that there are rumors about me (makes me feel so glamorous!), but I wonder where this one’s coming from. I thought about moving to the UK years ago, but not any time recently.  We’re happy here.  I’m currently unhappy that the shower is leaking down into the kitchen, but I think I can handle this particular bump on the road of life…


  1. Oops, that was me. Sometimes I forget how many people hang out in #plone.

    I was talking to a couple guys about doing some Python training earlier this week and they said they thought you were moving to the UK. They’re new to Python and we were chatting about “python people in Vancouver who’ve written a book” and so maybe they meant Andy McKay, or perhaps I misheard them completely and they were talking about someone else entirely. Either that or I’m not the source of rumours but merely a carrier …


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