Aurora Borealis Alert Service anyone?

Poking around flickr’s hot tags, I noticed that “auroraborealis” and “northernlights” were hot tags in the last 24hrs. It looks from the pictures corresponding to those tags are from Alaska, which is nice for them. I’m frustrated that I’ve been “north” for six years and have yet to see them. I could setup a feed on flickr pictures tagged “vancouver” and “auroraborealis”, but I suspect that will cheerfully let me know about them a day too late. Isn’t there’s a way to get notified when the northern lights are happening (I’d be happy to be woken up!)?


  1. Set Google news as your homepage, and make sure sunspot is a user news search. Aurora borealis is related to sunspot activity – whenever the above search suggests that something happened on the sun, expect aurora borealis that night (IIRC is takes 6 hours after an event is seen on the sun for aurora borealis to occur). By watching news from those who observe the sun you can get good clues when it will happen. Clues only, but they will help


  2. If Vancouver was further “north” you would have a better chance of seeing them. I have never seen them from Vancouver.

    However, when you travel up to 100 Mile House or Prince George you will often see them.


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