1. I looked at this and the comments the other day. What was missing was talk about the data and how to manage the synchronization of data created and changed offline with the online data and its additions and changes. This strikes me as the hardest of the problems. There is a reason there are few Notes competitors .. its is a hard problem.


  2. True, but then again, what’s mostly been talked about is the UI mockups. On the data front, there’s clearly a need for standardization of data formats and data models (cf. SyncML?).


  3. Hi Andrew! I am working out the API right now, and synchronization is definently at the top of my mind. Hopefully the API I am putting together, along with a simple way for the client and server to communicate for synchronization, will ameliorate your concerns. Look for a blog post on the subject on the SitePen blog either the end of this week or the beginning of the next.

    BTW, I have studied the SyncML spec for ideas, but it is much too heavy for my needs. I have also studied a huge amount of prior art, including Notes, Groove, etc. My approach is to find the clearest path that hits the 90% needs, avoiding complexity. Think LDAP (when it first came out) versus X.500.

    Brad Neuberg


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