ETech 2007

I’m at ETech 2007 in San Diego.


Twitter-mania is everywhere. PaulK on what twitter has on blogging: “If you’re going to be inane, at least be inane concisely”. And someone on IRC: “Twitter: teaching America about SMS”.

Fun is in. This is a good thing, except that creating fun is turning into a process with all of the serendipity and creativity of adsense optimization.

I’m noticing lots of ads in magazines about wealth management. And homeless people wandering the halls of luxury hotels.

Dean Edwards launches yet another JS library and rules about JS libraries which everyone seems to break with great success.

I’m having fun writing JavaScript. No, really.

The best value for your dollar in accomodations in San Diego is the Downtown Hostel. Reminds me of college coops, in a good way. Biggest problem so far was the earnest young turk this morning who was over-eager to make my pancakes (he’d learned yesterday). You don’t teach me how to make pancakes. (his attempt came out stuck to the pan, mine were gorgeous).

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