Ext JS Packaging script

I’ve been having fun working w/ (among others), the ExtJS library (ext.js.com).  In fact, I’m a paid customer, meaning I get access to the SVN tree, which can come in handy. However, the SVN tree doesn’t include the packaged files needed for easy use, as those are currently built as part of the release process by the Ext JS team through a baroque process involving a Windows-only program.  While there are plans to provide tools to customers to make custom builds available on demand, that’s not there yet.  To make my own life easier in the interim, I wrote a script that I run from the root of the svn tree and creates the packaged files.  If you want to work off of the head, it’s handy.

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  1. These ext js (what was known as yui-ext) libraries are pretty slick eh. I have tried many of similar libraries, but nothing comes close to these libraries. It makes putting to get web apps quick, simple, and almost leaves one to wonder why more applications aren’t developed for the web these days. In the last couple months I have written a couple apps using these libraries and am in the process of writing another one. The current project is a code review tool similar to Google’s, but with the ability to fetch files from a client machine without requiring the code to be on a SAN and with more features. The previous applications written with the libraries were a front-end to the pre-submit disitrbuted build system for validating code changes before being submitted, and a web tool for the engineers I work with at AMD to do memory usage calculations based on scenarios the cell phone could go through.

    These libraries, although there isn’t much documentation with them are fairly simple to work with. Also like that the AJAX functionality is built into the widgets which provides you with different ways to load the content of the widget. Although these libraries are not up to par with Ext, they are worth checking out; ActiveWidgets, and DHTML Goodies. There is a third one, but it slips my mind at this time.


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