Twitter use case #1!

Before I forget. After weeks of hard work, I finally came up with a good use case for Twitter. Skiing.

More specifically, out here, you can decide to go skiing at a whim. It takes 30-45 minutes to make your way onto the hill. But conditions are sometimes iffy. You can check out the hill’s website, but that’s highly biased information. I want real-time user generated data from people on the slopes. And they have cellphones. Now I just need them to publish data. Next season, if Twitter is still in business (and hasn’t collapsed under the load), I might just print out some stickers and plaster them in the lodge…

I knew there was a purpose for the thing.


  1. Hello,

    Why isn’t it possible to have a translator software for Thunderbird. It will be very fun to have the possibility to read our stranger language emails easyly with a choice of translation : frensh to english and <, frensh to italian and reverse, etc…

    I receive many emails in the day wrote in several langage. At the end of the day, my brain is like a coconut. If the translation isn’t perfect, it’s no very important. The general sens of the sentences is enough to understand and to have a help-soft very nice.

    Don’t you create that for Thunderbird, you are so inventive !

    Thank very much, for that, but for all the world Mozilla.



  2. Cool idea. I’m not skiing but I just arrived in Mexico for surfin’ surfin’. I have the same problem when I want to know is a place worth it before I go there. Use a mobile translator for your cell phone, man. they are even better than web translators for PC. The last time i used an Interlecta Text Transaltor to share thoughts on twitter. Really helps.


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