I would so like Amazon to offer both a wider inventory (not just books & CDs/DVDs) and Amazon Prime in … More

Twitter use case #1!

Before I forget. After weeks of hard work, I finally came up with a good use case for Twitter. Skiing. … More

Brain dump

After a few weeks heads-down work in code for a demo, I got to look up and read, watch, learn. … More

Free books

I have four extra copies of the Python Cookbook (2nd edition) that are free to whoever wants to come get … More

Ext JS Packaging script

I’ve been having fun working w/ (among others), the ExtJS library (  In fact, I’m a paid customer, meaning I … More

Amazon EC2 account!

I just got my EC2 account.  More toys to explore.  I just need more time!.


Jane got robbed on her train ride back from ETech. That brings to mind my experience with a vancouver thief, … More