1. Hi David,

    Erlang, because it actually solves real problems (scalability, robustness, message-passing, programming for multiple cores) rather than just providing a hyper-correct typed functional system. There’s a lot to learn from Haskell, but Erlang is where new ideas are coming from for incorporation into Javascript (according to Brendan Eich) and Python (at least the PyPy form, although Guido has hinted about this).


  2. I think Dethe is just showing his telecom roots (sorry for “outing” you Dethe). I chose Haskell for exactly the reasons Dethe rejected it. I figured that all of Erlang’s good ideas will be available for Python (or Ruby) soonish but Haskell is to the languages of the future what Lisp was in the past.

    Quite apart from Haskell’s type system (which is interesting) it is a lazy functional language which is something new and different to most of us.


  3. Cool, a micro language war on my blog.

    Paul, you say you chose Haskell — does that mean you’re actually using it at Kinzin? And Dethe resents you forever, is that it?


  4. Paul, by “to the languages of the future what Lisp was in the past”, you mean the totally irrelevant research language that everyone shamelessly stole ideas from while completely ignoring it’s insanity-inducing syntax?

    My vote for the next new thing is totally Javascript. It’s not a bad language, or at least it won’t be once it borrows a few more good ideas.


  5. Oh, yeah, and I forgot to say “OCaml”. There’s been a parallel processing framework developed for it which lets you run the code single-threaded to prove it’s correctness, and then multi-thread it without any changes to the code itself, just by adding an extra config parameter. It’s automatically typed, so you don’t need to write down what types you’re using, but you still get all the benefits of static typing. It’s a floor wax and a dessert topping! 😉


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