Super Happy Dev House coming up

12 hours of hacking starting friday at 1pm. I’m noodling on what to play with.

Two options come up so far:

1) a flapjax-based game

2) django-openidserver

4) something someone else brings up there…

12) your idea here ___


  1. I could really use a WSGI implementation of an amazon SQS clone. (Just the REST api)

    Something I could configure via paste-deploy. Maybe store ‘messages’ in the file system or via sqlalchemy, depending on size.

    oth, a WSGI based openid server (not django specific, something that could run on any wsgi stack) would be nice too if the authentication methods were pluggable.

    But right now, it’s SQS I need, and the only clone I’ve found is Ruby based.


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