Wood framing porn

Bob Villa tours the McMillan Bloedel factory where they make Parallam, a neat glued laminate which super strong, but easier to work with than steel. Uses crappy wood too, which is great. See also these neat joists/rafters. I’m sure the glue will come back to haunt us, but it’s nice to see that people have come up with engineering ways to take natural fibers and make more efficient use of them.

Notes on shed construction

A few resources I’m finding useful in building a shed:

  1. A neat kit from Lee Valley, which includes a detailed plan for a basic shed, including a parts list, and hardware that should make attaching the roof trusses easy (I hope!),
  2. Also acquired at Lee Valley, a reprint of a classic book published by the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service a million years ago (well, no, in 1969), with the charming title “Low-cost wood homes construction manual
  3. A text called “Advanced Wall Framing” which came in handy to make me feel better about a mistake I made in one of the few deviations from the plan that I made.

Updated: fixed broken link

MacFUSE and sshfs great even with no UI

Gozer pointed me to a neat way to do development on an linux box from my mac, which is to use MacFUSE and the included sshfs program. It mounts the remote drives as a volume on my mac, and Komodo just edits is as if it’s a local file. Works great.

It would be nice if there was a tiny bit more UI to sshfs, so that, say, it told you when it successfully mounted the remote drive, but it’s amazing what UI failings one will tolerate of free software that works as advertised.

Best world music radio around: Aboriginal Radio

I’ve been meaning to advertise for the folks at 106.3FM Aboriginal Voices Radio. I’m not particularly receptive to most discussions around “first nations” issues, which is how Canadians refer to their aboriginal population, but I have to say that Emily and I are really enjoying Aboriginal Radio as a local station that seems to have a great supply of world music of all types, with no advertising, and remarkable variety. I still wish I could listen to NPR over the air, but this is better than anything else we’ve found so far. (No, the CBC doesn’t do it for me).