API for HTTP to SMS gateways?

It appears that every carrier has their own web to SMS gateway. Is there anyone maintaining an open source library that centralizes that knowledge, so that at the very least one could do:

send_sms(carrier_name, subscriber_number, sender, message)

(Note that I’m not asking for the carrier_name to be guessed.

I’ll take any reasonable language implementation.


  1. Google had a way to send SMS messages, though I suspect it was just up for a while before they figured out how to close it. It kind of baffled me how easy it was to use — a totally unauthenticated HTTP form gateway.


  2. Strangely, every carrier seems to have such an unauthenticated gateway, it’s just per-carrier and not programmatic without screen scraping.


  3. smssend might be what you’re looking for:


    From what I recall, I think it includes a database of gateways that are actually used to send the messages, although I’m not sure how well maintained that database is. The original site for the software seems to have disappeared, too.


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