Looking for a kick-ass front-end web developer

So I’m working on a project. It’s a cool project. It’s a big project. So far, there are four of us on it. We need more people.

Until we can talk about the product in more detail, a lot of the product info is deliberately fuzzy.

The ambition: To help create a product that a lot of people will love. (more details will be given if you get to the interview)

The role: To work with other engineers and designers, bringing your skills in making web-based user interactions that rival the best desktop applications in ease-of-use and fun-of-use.

The technologies: DHTML, Flash, Ajax, Comet, advanced javascript, other dynamic languages, secret sauce.

The location: Vancouver, BC. Life rocks here.

The environment: a small growing very collaborative team within a company that’s done some pretty neat things in the world of dynamic languages.

Experience needed: Having shipped a product. Cut code. Cut features. Argued against a feature for the sake of users. Argued against a feature in spite of users. Open source chops are great. Having touched web-based products is great.

A more formal version of the job ad is here

Send your info to me or through the form.


  1. The salary will be commensurate with the talent and value brought to the project. There isn’t a preset salary in mind.


  2. Robert: CherryPy isn’t an issue, as long as you can convince me that it’s worth it =). If you think you qualify, apply, by all means!


  3. I’m not looking, Jeff pointed me at this. But I will say two things:
    A) CherryPy is worth it
    B) Robert Brewer using cherrypy is definitely worth it. 😉


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