Twitter/facebook status messages do serve an occasional need.

David is pleased with his weekend efforts, fixing the hydraulic clutch on the suburban by himself, replacing the converter on the trailer (thereby getting rid of the annoying buzz, and understanding one more bit of the puzzle), and fixing hugo and sylvia’s fishing lines, which he’s sure is what allowed the catching of a rockfish and a butter sole.

But in twitter or facebook, I’d have stuck with the first three words.

Cocktail help needed

Last week over a very nice dinner at Feenie’s, I had a lychee drop cocktail, which was described as lychee juice and sake. I tried to recreate that at home with “lychee nectar” (which is juice-like in consistency, no matter the name) and Gekkeikan sake, which happened to be the only kind in my cupboard. The sake taste is all wrong in my version. It could be because it’s the wrong kind of sake — I know there are all kinds. Alternatively, does sake age poorly? (We’ve had it unopened for years). Feenie’s version was very smooth — Summer in a glass, as Shantel described it. Mine is just lychee juice and a quite “dark” sake taste.

Any advice from my cocktail-aware readers?


Update: Shantel has been trying to replicate the same and is happy with 1oz vodka, 2oz sake (same brand), and 2oz lychee syrup.