Miro — a surprisingly refreshing take on video

Motivated by seeing people like Mike Shaver and John Lilly talking about it, I gave Miro (née Democracy) another shot. I’m hooked. It’s a very refreshing take on video — finding, downloading, and playing. I’ve been filling the odd 10-minute spare time chunks with videos from TED.com, which are inspiring and entertaining. Recent favorites:

Miro’s UI means that I can navigate the TED feed simply, start automatic downloads, and show the videos in full-screen glory — making the experience much more pleasant than what YouTube.

Miro’s not perfect. My current gripe list is:

  • it’s too modal — I’d like to be able to do feed management at the same time as I’m watching a video,
  • it’s not obvious how to get a link to the currently playing video without stopping it, and
  • I want integration with my bookmarking system, not have to use videobomb.

But those are all surface problems. It’s still a significant step in letting people decide what to watch, facilitate the watching of great content, and dare to consider TV as a non-commercially motivated endeavor.

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  1. David,

    Thanks for the review — great feedback! I can say that we’re definitely going to be addressing your first gripe in the near (post 1.0) future. As for the link, do you mean you want to be able to see the permalink or the direct link while the video plays? Finally, how do you see your bookmarks being integrated — what would the ideal setup look like? Feel free to ping me via e.mail if you’ve got time to write a bit more on this stuff.


    Dean Jansen
    Outreach Director


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