Misc software recommendations

I’ve upgraded the software I use for blog-reading & writing. I’m pretty happy with the following so far:

  • I’ve switched to Shrook as my aggregator. It’s the only one I found that could let me quickly reorganize my 300+ RSS feeds into groups. Key word being “quickly”. Most of the others I tried didn’t scale well from a UI point of view (Google Reader and Bloglines in particular). It has groups which can overlap (“Favorites” and “Inspiring” can both contain the same feed), and it has some sort of bayesian learning thing which I haven’t figured out yet. It also has a web-based online reading & synchronizing service, which I haven’t poked at either.
  • I’ve upgraded to MarsEdit 2.0 (well, haven’t paid yet but I will). I’m not sure why.
  • After figuring out the category support in MarsEdit, I upgraded WordPress to 2.2.3. Nothing broke as far as I can tell.

The other piece of software I’m enjoying these days is HiveMinder, after a recommendation from Zak. It’s related to RT, but it fits my brain much better than RT did. I particularly like the Instant Messaging interface. More on that later if I get around to it…

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