Miscellaneous Cool Things

The Mozilla Calendar project released version 0.7 of Sunbird and Lightning. Sunbird is a standalone calendar app kinda like Apple’s … More

Timezone helper?

Dear Lazyweb, I’m recruiting globally, and that means that I spend a fair bit of time trying to coordinate phone … More

Upcoming trip to Paris

I’ll be in Paris, France, from Nov 12 to the 19th. I’ve got a few things scheduled already, but I’d … More

Gmail enables IMAP

It’s nice to see that Gmail now supports (at least for some accounts) IMAP access. It will make talking to … More

New forums are ready!

Good news! Thanks to cbeard and the folks at Mozilla Labs, I now have placeholder forums where discussion can ensue … More

Recent email tweaks

Not too surprisingly, my email traffic has grown since I took this job, in volume, diversity, and importance. I’ve had … More


Here’s something interesting — Florian Queze and Quentin Castier just released Instantbird, which is a XUL application wrapped around libpurple, … More