Gmail POP access throttles?

I’m using Thunderbird’s nifty Gmail interface to pull all of my gmail email down. Yesterday, things were fine and it was getting 400-500 emails at a time. Today it seems to be throttled down to 1-4 emails at a time, meaning that I’m still getting stuff from July 2006. Is that a known behavior? Makes Gmail’s POP interface somewhat less useful…

[update: filed a bug w/ google, got a followup which explained that they were working on it, and now that I’m back on my home mac, the problem appears to be solved!]


  1. That’s one bug you’ll need to fix 😉 I think that you’ve the right position to do it.
    I’ve the same behaviour not with GMail but my another pop mail server. It’s really annoying and all my company complain about the same. Somewhere in Thunderbrid bugzilla I read that it is linked to compact folder. I figure out personnaly that it happens often when you change your connection mode from wireless to LAN for example. Bu not only because co-worker only plugged to LAN has the same issue.
    My workaround solution is:
    #1 reduce my mail life time on the server from 60 days to 7 days before deleting them. At least when it screw up, there are a limited number of mail coming back
    #2 increase number of file compact by reducing trigering number.
    This is a workaround solution that I don’t like because I loose fresh archieve and a kind of back up on my server and compact is so often that everytime I delete a mail, there is a compact.
    I love Thunderbird spirit so I keep it but honestly it piss me up when all my mail are duplicated !!!


  2. I have been using the pop server at gmail to download all my emails to TB and never had any problems. Twice I have downloaded my entire email archive to a fresh install of TB on a new machine and they have gone off smoothly(Have not tried this recently, will try again tomorrow and see if there is any problem) . I use Windows XP SP2 and TB 2.


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