Upcoming trip to Paris

I’ll be in Paris, France, from Nov 12 to the 19th. I’ve got a few things scheduled already, but I’d be happy to organize an informal “pot” about Mozilla, MailCo, Thunderbird, or whatever interests.

Oh, and for those of you who don’t know, I’m French (and American (but not Canadian)) and speak French (and English (and am even slowly learning some about the fascinating topic of Quebec profane words)). I don’t think I’m likely to blog in French anytime soon (although I admire people like Loic who manage to blog bilingually) and am only slightly apprehensive at the thought of business negotiations or deep technical talk in my native tongue, given that I’m way behind on the lingo. (In grad school, the idea of giving a scientific talk in French was fairly terrifying). Still, I’ve had a few conversations in French these last few weeks and I think they went ok.


  1. Tristan Nitot écrit sur son blog :
    “Nov 12 and 13: Paris (France), with David Ascher (Mr Mailco & Thunderbird), for meetings with large organizations using Thunderbird and contributing to it”

    Je serais vivement intéressé de participer à une de ces réunions du 12 novembre afin de vous faire part des problématiques rencontrées avec Thunderbird en entreprise.
    Comment dois-je faire pour m’inscrire ?



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