Mice everywhere

Clay Shirky has another great essay out, which I recommend you go read now. Just like Robert Sayre, I find … More

Notes from Germany

I spent much of last week traveling to Germany — Berlin and Hamburg. Time for an update. I started off … More


Forgot to mention that I’ll be in Berlin Friday, and Hamburg Saturday-Tuesday, for the Calendar project face-to-face, along with Dan … More

Leak control!

Thunderbird work is all about leaks these days, of various kinds: A study at CMU to test an extension that … More

MozCamp in Vancouver

Next Sunday, just before the Open Web conference, we’re organizing a get-together of people who hack on Mozilla-related code. Details … More

Think Schools, Think Email?

I spent yesterday at Think Schools, an all-day gathering of people looking for constructive ways to solve a crisis facing … More