Hamburg: Thunderbird, Calendar, Accessibility, CouchDB?

In day 3 of a Calendar meeting face-to-face, we had a few deviations from the core of the main topics (Lightning, Sunbird, Thunderbird integration), with two cool side-trips.

First, Marco Zehe came to talk about the state of accessibility in Thunderbird and Calendar. The take-away message to me was that accessibility for “trunk” (Thunderbird 3, etc.) is pretty good, thanks to all the work done at the platform level. There are some outstanding issues, which we agreed to consider as blocking Thunderbird 3, but it’s one of those areas where the next version of Thunderbird will be significantly better than the current one for a subset of users.

Second, at my instigation, Jan Lenhardt gave a talk about CouchDB, which was nicely off topic but thought-provoking. The coolest bit is that about an hour after the end of Jan’s talk, Philipp Kewisch, Calendar hacker extraordinaire, and author of the GData add-on for Calendar, had whipped up a proof-of-concept CouchDB provider for Lightning, meaning that calendar data (events, etc.) can be stored in a couchdb repository.

Kudos to the CouchDB and Calendar teams for building systems that clearly are easy to extend, and to HTTP/REST and JSON for providing great building blocks.


  1. That would be really useful for all Mozilla platform apps. At the very least an option for extension developers. SQL in the javascript is almost as ugly as (XP)COM 😉 Does it use the new native JSON object?


  2. @Kieth: I’ve been thinking about that. I’m fine w/ offsetting and we’ll probably do at least that, but my understanding is that a) the math for those offsetting systems is quite fuzzy, and b) offsetting is probably not as effective at solving the problem as it would be about relieving guilt.

    I’d like to find ways for us to do more high-leverage ways to help the environmental crisis. My thoughts there aren’t quite crisp yet, but when they are, I’ll post them for comment.

    Suggestions welcome!


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