Vancouver Credit card recommendations?

I’m looking to change my VISA card, as the current one gives us points towards ‘stuff’, most of which I don’t need. I’d be more interested in cards that either served some sort of purpose (e.g. the VanCity cards) or points that are more useful, such as high-leverage travel frequent flyer miles on either flights to the US or to Europe.

Any recommendations?


  1. Vancity’s also has a subsidiary (Citizens Bank) that has cards with purpose…Vancity’s has the Envirofund which gives a portion of profits to environmental organizations, but you can go through citizens which will donate to Amnesty International, Oxfam or the Shared Interest fund, which give proceeds to a variety of international groups.


  2. Mastercard seems to offer a much better kickback program than Visa and often those Mastercard cards have no annual fee. The only reward program that I ever see people use with Visa is for the Aeroplan Cards from Royal Bank or CIBC, but then those individuals are forking out big bucks in annual fees and getting Air Canada flights. has a comparison that is updated regularly which compares the benefits of the no annual fee credit cards (google search: redflagdeals credit cards).


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