inames: any hope?

So I have this nice short iname that I registered last year when I was poking around OpenID and the like. That registration is about to expire, and I think I have yet to use it except for testing purposes, in part because there’s no way when being asked for an OpenID to know whether the server supports inames or not. In addition to being just shorter hence cooler, I can’t even remember the benefits of inames over traditional URLs. I guess I’ll let it lapse…

Somebody fix identity. Please?


  1. Somebody add OpenID to this blog. Please?

    šŸ™‚ Well actually you don’t require login in order to post, which is fine too. i-names or not, I guess the URI is free mostly (those given out by providers) so why pay another registration tax? It’s nice however, so I’m not sure if it will take hold any time soon.

    Need and OpenID provider? Have a look at


  2. I understand and share your frustration, this stuff is evolving VERY slowly. For a long time i-names were being sold on the promise of “buy a cool globally resolvable personal identifier” … It was a compelling consumer sell šŸ™‚

    Then OpenID came along with the promise of wide spread SSO…. Remember 1 username and password and login everywhere…. that accepts OpenID… both places šŸ™‚ While there is a growing number of places that accept OpenIDs it still isn’t prevalent enough to be useful. OpenID 2.0 compliant OpenID sites will accept i-names.

    So should you renew your i-name? YES… why?… because chances are I make $1 if you do, really, in the name of full disclosure of this post, I run the wholesale i-broker that ‘most’ of the retail i-brokers use in the background…. but apart from my pure self interest I still think it’s worth sticking around for another year… It’s only $12 ish… and the interesting stuff is starting to happen.

    You have probably heard the noise about ‘Data Portability’ FaceBook, MySpace, hi5, Orkut, etc… it’s a very public race to being the most open… With the opening of the social networks global names, and specifically OpenIDs, will greatly grow in usage. OpenID and oAuth will use your i-name to let you control your data as it is moved around Web 2.x.

    So if you have a good i-name, and you indicated that you do, you might want to hang on a little longer… I think.

    Andy Dale
    blogging at


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