Prize money for a good Thunderbird/ project

Something else I’ve had on my blogging queue for a while:

Last month, when we had the Calendar meeting in Hamburg, we met with some of the and Sun engineers. One idea that came up that I intended to mention here is that has a Community Innovation Program, funded by Sun Microsystems, which includes cash prizes for cool projects. A project which somehow made Thunderbird and work better together would be eligible, as much as I understand the rules. So put your thinking cap on and apply!

Possible ideas:

  • An ODF reader for Thunderbird?
  • Some sort of mail merge feature?

Other ideas?


  1. How about an auto-generated RSS feed for anyone to subscribe to in Thunderbird for any changes you make to a document in OpenOffice that they want to monitor?


  2. I’d like to see the address book not being a “pop up” window, but rather come in the same area as messages.
    Exchange-support would be nice, calendar, rss-feed-reader, having a today page where you can even have the temperature and more.
    I don’t want to see a mail client with macros and such as that would mean a security risk.
    I’m using Evolution at the moment, but I’m now and then going to Thunderbird to check out what it is like now. What stops me is 1) address book in a standalone window.


  3. About comment 2.
    The contacts can actually appear in the main window thanks to an extension called “contacts sidebar”. And works ok. It’s part of the beauty in Mozilla products having many extensions to customize as desired. May find other features like this in same way ..

    As about other “stoppers”, do not hesitate to ask in or forums and may find solutions quicker than expected.
    [exchange is another discussion, but calendar is there, rss too, weather in statusbar etc as extensions or native and improved by extensions ..]


  4. * An ODF reader for Thunderbird?

    Just a thought; reader and or a previewer of an attachment. A previewer of the most common attachments.

    * Some sort of mail merge feature?

    1) Saving a document; also having it send it to an email recipient/group.

    2) This would apply to oo.o: tracking the usage of a document and as the document changes it would alter the user to resend it to a previous list of recipients. Basically associating document names to a list of people in an address book.

    3) Expand search to query inside certain (attached) document types; using oo.o as a converter. Caching the data for quicker look ups? Of course the ability to purge the index and search query at the users discretion.

    3a) Having certain words not indexed, IE common words: and, the, a, etc.
    3b) Specifying words/files to be indexed. Creating a list of keywords that should be indexed.

    Use what you like; discard the rest.


  5. Sorry, one last one:

    4) Right clicking on an attachment and selecting “save as” and saving it as a different file type. Thunderbird calls oo.o and does a “save as” conversion. Doc to odf, pdf to text/odf/doc.

    PS: I am unsure of the level of support that pdf will have in oo.o. I have heard that editing pdf’s will be an option.

    Just a thought.
    Ok. I am done. Really. 🙂


  6. Here is a thought:
    1) Sun is using Sunbird/Lightning as a PIM; also T.brid is using Lightning for its PIM (if I am not mistaken. So, how are these products going to inter-operate?

    2) With respect to Mail merge here are a few possibilities:

    a) With respect to contacts in the address book. Being able to send multiple personalized emails via the address book. The functionality should allow sorting by Company, Department and title. In essence sending out multiple, personalized emails via some enhanced database functionality in the address book. Being able to add additional fields/columns to the address book would also be nice touch. Some companies use different titles for the same position.

    b) Updating and personalizing document in OO.o via the address book in Thunderbird.

    c) Combining both features: Updating letters in OO.o and personalize emails via Thunderbirds address book.


  7. How about using ODF Documents as Templates for mails (like form letters)?

    Another cool feature would be a simplified HTML ot Text-Preview of an attached spreadsheet direct in Thunderbird.


  8. Flip the contents of an e-mail.

    Idea 1
    With the majority of the world doing top-posted emails; giving Thunderbird the ability to flip the email so bottom is top and top is bottom. This would be fantastic! No need to scroll down to the bottom of an email and read up then down then up again. Basically flipping in at a moments notice.

    Idea 1A
    This is an extended idea.
    1) Default view “bottom posted” flipping the email. Always display in a bottom posted manner.
    2) Being able to send email in top posted fashion for all the Outlook users but viewing the email in bottom posted style.

    One step in stopping the MS insanity or minimizing its pain on the world. 🙂


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