New folks!

Two new additions to the Mozilla Messaging crew, which I’m quite pleased to talk about.

I’d like to welcome Philippe Chiasson, who will be taking on everything “IT” for MoMo, in close collaboration with MoCo IT. Think of him as “”. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gozer (as he is known) for several years, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do with our idle hardware and mounting buglist. Gozer has a lot of experience with open source, and is eager to build as open and participatory IT systems as possible, so I think he’ll fit right in. In addition to configuring our existing hardware, expect Gozer to work with Rick and others to setup build and test servers, and start to plan out our overall IT roadmap, so that we can act with as much agility as possible.

In addition, I’m pleased to welcome back David Bienvenu, one of the original Thunderbird developers! Since we spun up MoMo, David has been helpful answering questions about the code base, reviewing patches, and the like. I’m very happy that he’ll be able to do even more of that and more, starting now. David brings a huge wealth of knowledge about the codebase, and equally important, the rationales for the decisions reflected in the current product. As we review things, it’s nice to be able to leverage the past work, rather than ignore it.

Welcome to both Gozer and David!


  1. So I never knew David really (besides occasional bug here, bug there comments), but I’m very glad to see him joining your team (again). It will be soon a year since Mitchell’s announcement and much has changed lately 🙂


  2. These are fantastic news! I’m really happy to see David back in the team. He is an excellent guy and it was always a pleasure to work with him. Now the dust settles down but one question remains: which plans has Scott…


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