Movie recommendations

Based on Simon‘s recommendation (he’s quite reliable), I squeezed Elling in the kids’ subscription. I highly recommend it. It’s a peaceful, thoughtful, grownup movie, about a couple of slightly odd Norwegian men trying to figure out life. Don’t even bother looking at the page, it’s worse than misleading. Just watch it.

Other recommendations while we’re at it:

  • Unser täglich Brot (Our Daily Bread), a fascinating piece about industrial food production, without words, and yet quite compelling.
  • Another Simon rec: Manda Bala (Send a bullet), a depressing but fascinating movie about the impact of kidnappings in Sao Paolo,
  • Le scaphandre et le papillon (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), a true story about a successful french editor who has a stroke and ends up with “locked-in syndrome”, and can only communicate by blinking. Surprisingly not as depressing as you’d think.
  • In the lighter-weight entertainment category, I enjoyed Next, as an action/time-travel Nicholas Cage vehicle.


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